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The protection of the environment and our oceans is paramount for the BioViron team.
We are focused on delivering leading-edge 100% environmentally friendly solutions to help replace the mountains of plastics-based packaging that is polluting our world today. 

BioViron International Limited Sustainability Statement

BioViron value our culture of transparency and accountability in a world where we constantly hear about climate change and plastic pollution so we must work together to bring about change. BioViron International Ltd is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and that of our suppliers and customers so innovative design and corporate responsibility converge to create a circular economy.

Our (Phytomorph) plant-based products are designed to minimise the impact on our environment at each stage of their life cycle by using materials that are both sustainably sourced and annually renewable. The footprint of these renewable materials is smaller than that of traditional plastics from fossil derivatives.

All our compostable packaging can be diverted from landfill and composted.

Both food waste and compostable packaging can go in the same HOTBIN or Rocket Composter to be turned into nutrient-rich compost, often reducing the cost of waste collections for our customers. We care about the end of life of our products and the impact of our business by providing a solution from cradle to grave.

In order to minimise waste our materials will carry the newly created BioViron symbols so everyone understands how to safely dispose of our materials.


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What our partners say

"BioViron has been a key addition to our material library, allowing our clients and users to get first hand experience of what a bioplastic looks and feels like, and to understand the full range of possibilities and applications it offers."

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