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CompostaBlock has been specially developed to serve as a feedstock for shape molding

to replace EPS (Polystyrene)

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 Has excellent thermal qualities for both hot and cold products

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Great shock absorption and moisture resistance

Material Composition

CompostaBlock is 

  • expanded Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) polymer ,which is derived from renewable sources such as starch or sugar.

  • 100% biocompostable

  • multi-impact resistant

  • thermally efficient

  • carbon Neutral

CompostaBlock Original Formula is a

  • bead and resin compression molded  high density foam product

  • material that can be designed to protect any product

CompostaBlock meets standards  for industrial  composting and recycling

Material Life Cycle

1. Environmental Footprint

(Life Cycle Assessment)


* Cradle to Cradle certified - silver award

+ EPEA material health award

+ EPEA 100% Carbon Neutral Award


Greenhouse Gas Emissions profile


CompostaBlock is made from annually renewing biomass feedstock such as corn starch and sugarcane.


Fossil Resource EPS is made from

fossil mass feedstock that takes 1 million + years to renew.


CompostaBlock is a balanced Green House Gas Emission

production process and certified Carbon Neutral material. It is made from annually renewing plant feedstock.

Technical Data

Order Information

CompostaBlock  is manufactured to order

  • it is reusable , recyclable , Compostable

  • 100% Carbon Neutral

  • termite proof & toxins free

  • high resistance to thermal fluctuation

  • multipack protection

  • lightweight high density ,compression moldable and cuttable.

Please forward your requirements on the enquiry form



Dynamic shock cushioning characteristics of packaging materials mentioned in ASTM norm1596. Sample 60x 60 x2.5 height 76cm, 10kg drop, first drop 25G.

Composta Block demonstrates equivalent levels of shock cushioning to EPS equivalent packaging

  • Energy Consumption proME CompostaBlock has an energy footprint of between 5096 and 75% of its equivalent fossil fuel EPS foam plastics

  • Waste footprint CompostaBlock and other Composta materials  have a significant smaller impact on the environment during end of life waste disposal and can be clearly seen in our technical brochure .

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