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Founded in 2005, by Bruce and Bev Bodio, BioViron has established itself as a “one stop” source for companies and the public sector organizations in delivering environmentally friendly products that support a reduced carbon footprint.

BioViron offers an extensive line up of Compostable materials with proven commercial and environmental value, including the innovative BioViron Bio Compostable foam product.

All BioViron products are designed to be effective, durable and 100% planet friendly. 

Our History

Began developing a range of BioViron™ Cool Boxes, electrical and medical packaging and thermal insulation

Began development of Large scale packaging applications including furniture. Preliminary phase development of eco-friendly building applications in conjunction with the University of Bath.

The company started working with the Global brand leader in winter and snow products to develop 100% bio-compostable films which are now in production and being sold worldwide.

Major UK furniture manufacture began shipping their products in Composta-foam, great to be working in the furniture industry.


We saw the launch of our  CompostaBlock foam and our first orders for the education sector STEM Rocket car body and exports to Vietnam 


BioViron became an authorised supplier to the Ministry of Defence and received NATO codification for six products lines. Also added new products BioViron™ PLA Bio compostable film BioViron™ PLA Bio compostable pellets for use in injection moulding and thermoforming.


Expanded role in spearheading environmental initiatives as a member of the NNFCC Thematic working group on bio-renewable building products. 


BioViron joins innovate2succed program to develop new insulation products and manufacturing processes. 


Started UK manufacturing of our Composta-form and Composta-film. Developed a new packaging design for a large pharmaceutical company. BioViron's first venture into the pharmaceutical industry.


The story continues...


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Bruce Bodio

CEO & Founding Director of BioViron

Aquarium Plants

New Business Development

Aquarium Plants

Bev Bodio

Operations & Founding

Director of BioViron

Aquarium Plants

Peter Weisburg

Strategic Advisor & Founder

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