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Image by Seth Cottle


More Space, More Waste, More Compost 

All biodegradable material can be put in the Hotbin which carries the BioViron Kitemark

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Compost all garden and all kitchen waste
(inc cooked & raw food & leftovers)

Insulating walls lock in the naturally produced heat generated by the bacterial process

No turning, no tumbling, no accelerators and no external power source required

Reduce spend on paid for local council green waste collections

Hotbin Information

Quick and easy composting

Looking for an easy way to start composting or a more efficient way to tackle your existing heaps?

The HOTBIN composter may be for you!


The easy to use 100 and 200 litre capacity HOTBINs are compact and occupy roughly the same space as a wheelie-bin. Steaming away at up to 60°c the HOTBIN speeds up your food and garden waste recycling producing compost in just 30-90 days.

What to compost

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