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Image by Noah Buscher


Materials that carry the BioViron Symbols are earth friendly and 100% compostable

Our Symbols


Home Compostable

  • BioViron home compostable materials are made of components and materials that fully decompose into the soil

  • Put into your garden compost bin and over a 6 to 9 months period  it will have decomposed.

  • Check with your local councils some allow home compostable  materials to go into the garden waste.

  • Check out our HOTBIN this will allow you to home compost your food and your home compostable materials that carry the BioViron Symbol.

Industrial Compostable

  • BioViron materials carrying the industrial Compostable symbol need to be put into an industrial composting waste stream .

  • Industrial waste stream means the material needs heat over 60 degrees ,humidity and oxygen to decompose.

  • Check with your local councils some do have industrial composting sites 

  • You can check out the  HOTBIN which  reaches temperatures over 60 degrees and is the sizes of a wheelie bin .

  • HOTBIN can take industrial compostable material that carry the BioViron symbol.

  •  Industry clients can have on site the Rocket Composta, BioViron industrial symbolled materials will compos in 39 days

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