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A 100% compostable, biodegradable and non-toxic film made from plants.​ Perfect planet-friendly replacement to plastic film, sheeting, bubble wrap and so much more.

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100% compostable, biodegradable and non-toxic

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100% better than plastic for wrapping your products

Material Composition

100% Compostable Film

The perfect solution for your Compostable mulch film application


All resins within the Composta© are completely biodegradable according to international standards and either entirely or partially based on renewable raw materials. For the production of biodegradable mulch films, BioViron generally recommends CompostaFilm BVF102 which is certified compostable.

Biodegradable mulch film made from CompostaFilm BVF102 can be laid out on the field in the same way as conventional polyethylene films using the same equipment. thus, it is perfect drop-in replacement for fossil based PE.

Material Life Cycle

  • Stable during use, good disintegration in soil after ploughing under

  • Cost efficiency - no recollection is required to dispense of the film

  • Superior water resistance

  • High strength and tear resistance

  • High weed suppression

  • Replacement of herbicides

  • Water saving, control of irrigation

  • Acceleration of budding due to increased soil temperature

  • Wide range of applications for various crop and climate conditions

Technical Data

BioViron material is safe, non-toxic, fully biodegradable polymer material and meets all European and international standards of biodegradability including specifications for compostable materials as per ASTM D6400 (USA), DIN54900 (Germany) and EN13432 (Europe).


BioViron CompostaFilm has shown to be biodegradable in various environments as per ASTM D5988 (soil), ASTM D5338/ISO14855 (composting).If discarded in any of these environments, the foam would become readily available as a nutrient/food source for the micro-organisms and enter the microbial food chain. 


These unique properties provide unique opportunities in discarding BioViron CompostaFilm in an ecologically responsible and environmentally acceptable manner. 

Order Information

CompostaFilm is manufactured to order

The CompostaFilm  is available on rolls  for bag manufacturing , it can be supplied flat or tubular. It is supplied in home compostable or industrial compostable blends.

  • strength and Resilience

  • supplied  from 20 microns to 100 microns 

  • CompostaFilm is opaque  

  • CompostaFilm applications

  • Waste bags

  • Clothing bags

  • Magazine bags

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