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100% Compostable and Biodegradable materials since 2005.

BioViron offers industries and businesses 100% plant based compostable and biodegradable film,

foam and form for packaging and protection.

A zero-plastic solution to modern day material and packaging needs.

Designed to help businesses meet carbon footprint and zero-waste objectives. 



100% Compostable, biodegradable film​ for wrapping and protecting.


 100% compostable, biodegradable PLA transaparant sheet. Suitable for thermoforming

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100% Plant based, Non-Toxic, Water Soluble, compostable packing Foam. 


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BioViron International

Founded in 2005, BioViron has established it self as a “one stop” source for companies and public sector organizations in delivering environmentally friendly products and supporting a reduced carbon footprint.

BioViron offers an extensive line up of biocompostable materials with proven commercial and environmental value, including the innovative BioViron biocompostable, water soluble foam product.


A wide range of uses for a variety of industries.


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