Order a BioVrion Sample Pack of our 100% compostable and biodegradable materials for you to touch, feel and even taste if you like. Ordering a sample pack is the best place to start, so you can see the quality of our materials and understand what we offer.


Sample pack include a sample of Composta-Film, Composta-Foam and Composta-Form. Cost of the sample pack will be deducted from your trade order.


Your sample pack includes:

50mm Composta-Foam Sample

25mm Composta-Foam Sample

Die Cut samples of Composta-Foam

Sheets of Composta-Foam


30 micron sheet of Composta-Film

60 micron sheet of Composta-Film


1m sample of Composta-Form uncoated

1m sample of Composta-Form clear coated


Size of Box: 24cm x 31 cm x 16 cm


(Please note, sample packs do vary due to materials, off cuts and sample sizes)

Sample Pack - Samples of Film, Foam and Form


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