Size of Roll: Extra Wide 1.38 meter wide x 50 meters long

Price per Roll: 212 GBP

Micrones: 65


Thicker and transparent film, suitable for packing artworks, wrapping sculptures, frames, furniture, eletronics and items requiring further protection.


End of life: 100% compostable and biodegradable film Will start to degrade within 120 days once in contact with a carbon rich environment like a compost facility. 100% plant based, non-toxic film.



Extra Wide Composta-Film - 65 micrones (Thick film)

  • CompostaRite-Film | 100% compostable plastic film

    The perfect solution for your Bio-Compostable mulch film application

    All resins within the Composta© are completely biodegradable according to international standards and a either entirely or partially based on renewable raw materials

    For the production of biodegradable mulch films, BioViron generally recommends Composta-film BVF102 which is certified compostable.

    ​Biodegradable mulch film made from Composta-film BVF102 can be laid out on the field in the same way as conventional polyethylene films using the same equipment. thus, it is perfect drop-in replacement for fossil based PE.