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  • Organic food packaging

  • Insulation applications for construction and refrigeration industries

  • Packaging templates for government and military specifications

  • Medical supply packaging and insulation

  • Auto and machine part shipping

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Welcome to BioViron


The innovative source for environmentally sound packaging and insulation products.

BioViron™ offers bio-plastic-based products which meet or exceed the performance of wood, metal, or petroleum-based materials. More and more companies are recognizing the economic and social benefits of utilizing environmentally friendly materials in packaging, insulation and other business applications.

A “Packaging World”© survey indicated that over half of the leading global companies are using or expecting to use an increased share of renewable resources in their product packaging. 

BioViron™ is at the forefront in delivering proven solutions that deliver superior engineering properties and provide an environmentally safe and cost-effective alternative to synthetic PE or PU plastic-based materials. Our solutions include packaging materials and applications based on BioViron biodegradable and bio compostable foam technology, BioViron bio compostable PLA film, injection moulding and thermoforming pellets.


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Corner Protectors


Bio-compostable engineered foam for use in packaging, insulation and building applications. Bio-degradable/ Bio-compostable cool boxes for commercial, scientific and foodstuff applications


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Thermoformed PLA


Bio-compostable PLA film and PLA pellets offering a bio-based alternative to plastic bags, plastic pillows, injection and thermoformed plastics. 

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